Standard neglected blog post

October 24, 2011

Every infrequently updated blog has one last-gasp post explaining why the author has been away, and how he or she promises to write more.

For me, it has really come down to self-censorship. I would love to write about my job, but choose not to overlap work with my personal life. I have previously written about things I feel I can contribute to, like the art of classic shaving, but I reached a point there where I could no longer speak authoritatively.

The next logical post would have covered consumables: shaving creams, soaps, and aftershaves, however I have been using the same tub of shaving cream for over two years. (The product description says it should last close to a year; however much of this time I have only been shaving 2-4 times a week.) It’s great and insanely efficient, but I simply have not had a chance to try a large enough breadth of products to write about their strengths and weaknesses.

I’d like to write about politics, but don’t have the time nor patience for the inevitable arguments or discussions.

I do not like to post unless I feel I have wholly explored something, but often my drafts get too unwieldy. I put them aside, but usually take so long to edit them that the article would no longer be relevant by the time it could be posted.

Heavy Metal jet team

I actually have that problem with photography too. I got into it in such a big way this year, I was attempting a 365 project where I would take at least a picture a day. After that, several concerts, and a few weddings however, I was so inundated with photos to edit I just had to take a vacation from it.

At once point I gave up on taking a picture a day in favour of concentrating taking what I have, and posting a well processed image a day. Even though I have taken something like two months off now, I probably still have plenty to make up for the lost time. I will post more about photography and what I have learned.

Some other stuff that has come up in this break that I would like to and will write about includes:

  • health – illness, training, biking, standing desk
  • fountain pens – highly recommended to anyone, but especially lefties
  • web programming
  • civil service
Anyway, at least one more post coming tonight.

The kind of spam a crappy neglected blog gets

February 23, 2011

Real posts coming soon I swear!


Firefox add-ons.

February 9, 2010

I think most of my techy friends have moved onto Google Chrome at this point, but I’m still a bit of a Firefox die-hard.

These are my favourite add-ons which I believe aren’t as popular as things like AdBlock, and might be of use to you.

1. The best theme I’ve come across so far is “TwentyTen

It’s modern, sleek, and uses the Win7/Vista Glass effect quite well.

2. ScrapBook – Saves webpages to your computer with a click.  It’s like bookmarking, but it actually keeps a record of the page.  It’s useful because you don’t have to worry about the page vanishing between visits.  I mostly use it to keep track of recipes, hah.

3. SpeedDial – Creates thumbnail links of your most important/frequently used webpages in new tabs (like Opera).